Lugo Hotel Contract Furniture

    Lugo Hotel Contract Furniture launched its new-look website for professional specifiers, buyers and operators throughout the hotel and leisure sector.

    The site introduced many new ranges to the already extensive portfolio of hotel chairs, tables and sofas.

    It was important that the new website was as easy as possible for specifiers of hotel and leisure furniture to use.

    Products are categorized firstly by their type:

    Side chairs, arm chairs, tub chairs,easy chairs, ottoman stools, bar stools, metallic base chairs, sofas,bespoke chairs etc.

    They can also be cross-searched by clicking on any image to view chairs from the same family. For example, the easy chair, compact tub, dining chair, sofa from the same range which allows the specifier to maintain some continuity of style whilst utilising pieces of differing scales.

    Clicking on an image immediately provides the specifier with all dimensional details such as height, width, depth, arm height, seat height.

    The “Design” pages of the new site inform visitors to the site of Lugo’s ability to design bespoke chairs and tables. Equally, Lugo offers a complimentary space-planning service and assistance if required with upholstery fabrics.

    The “News” section of the new website provides new clients with details of large prestigious hotel projects where Lugo suppliers of all contract furniture. Working with some of the leading names in the hotel sector, Lugo has an exemplary reputation in its sector for delivering high quality goods at the most competitive prices.

    A downloadable Information Sheet provides details of our standard polish colours although we are always happy to match to a sample of your preferred wood stain to help co-ordinate with existing timber features within the room.

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    Boutique Hotel Furniture

    At Lugo Hotel Contract Furniture we realise Boutique hotels are not a passing fad or a here-today-gone-tomorrow trend. They are indeed a growing sector of the hospitality market. When the first “boutique” hotel opened in New York in 1984 and caused quite a stir. Shedding tradition, its whole purpose was to turn a paid-for bedroom into a whole new travel experience.

    Since then, small, chic hotels have sprung up all over the world; some more successfully than others. Those who have followed the fundamental theme of design-led individuality have experienced incredible success and that in turn has spawned a new generation of these stylish hotels.

    So what are the essential characteristics of this type of hotel that will ensure its place in the industry?


    Boutique hotels are all different. Housed in a wide range of buildings, many of which weren’t intended as hotels or even houses originally, they use design and architecture to create entirely individual structures and spaces that catch the attention and stimulate the senses. Whatever theme or style has been chosen, you’ll never stay in a boutique hotel that’s exactly the same as the last one you stayed in.

    As such when Lugo designs boutique hotel furniture one style does not work for all installations which is why our hotel furniture portfolio cover most styles from French shabby chic chairs which form part of our Casanova Collection which can be supplied in black, cream or antique silver finishes.

    We also take more modern influences from Italy and Spain when supplying the boutique sector.

    In the early 90’s Malmaison Hotels pioneered what has become the generic ideal for many hoteliers of what a boutique hotel should look like. Dark moody bedroom and corridors and opulent upholstery fabrics and drapes. Lots of bed dressing such as throws and cushions and of course the high extravagant looking upholstered headboard. The Malmaison model used a lot of furniture stained in wenge which is darkest brown, nearly black wood stain.

    Wenge continues to be the most popular polish colour for independent boutique hotels closely followed by dark walnut.


    Personality and style matter to these hotels. It’s what gives them their intimate atmosphere; their air of authenticity. Boutique hotels go for style that’s deliberately introduced and followed through to the smallest of details, resulting in all-round quality that’s really appreciated by the guests.

    The detail of the furniture is very important to the boutique sector which is why Lugo’s team works closely with the client with finishes and upholsteries that add wow factor to the bedroom tub chairs and desk chairs.


    Many other parts of the service industry could learn from these small hotels. Their low guest numbers gives them the opportunity to shine when it comes to looking after residents, and their service is always discreet but immediate.


    Discerning guests know quality when they see it; from the finest bed linen to the freshest ingredients. A boutique hotel takes the time to source materials, furnishings, fabrics and accessories of the finest quality, ensuring that guests are always experiencing comfort and style.

    Lugo Hotel Contract Furniture continues to be the first choice with many boutique hotel operators as our quality of seating reinforces the guest’s overall impression of an establishment with an eye for detail.

    Lugo’s ability to design bespoke chairs for boutique projects demonstrates the company’s flexible approach and helps our clients put their own stamp on the project.

    Boutique hotels are here to stay because we like them. For not much more cost than an average high street hotel, they allow us to enjoy the experience of travelling. They give us good design, a high standard of decoration and fittings and outstanding service, reminding us that we often set our standards too low when we travel. They allow us to relax and spend our time exploring and enjoying our destination rather than sorting out problems with the accommodation. They remind us that where we stay is as important as where we go.

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