Hotel Banquette Seating

    Fixed seating, or to use its correct name, banquette seating within a hotel bar or restaurant interior continues to be a popular choice with the hotel operator and indeed the professional hotel designer.

    Banquette creates cosy intimate booths for guests to eat and drink and provides a degree of privacy. Nevertheless, its main benefit is that it helps the hotel operator to maximise the dining covers when floor space is limited.

    Lugo Hotel Contract Furniture designs all of its Banquette seating in-house via our skilled furniture design team and we aim wherever possible to design the banquette in such a way that the form creates a focal point within a bar or restaurant interior around which loose furniture can be strategically placed.

    When designing a restaurant interior it is important that the furniture is not all of one level or the stylish restaurant can soon take on the more utilitarian aesthetic of a canteen. Banquette seating allows the designer to introduce these important height differentials.

    High-backed banquette seating or simply upholstered wall paneling provides that pivotal focal point for the diner or guest when they step inside the restaurant or bar.

    Banquette can also be used to denote the main direction of foot traffic through the restaurant or bar to allow hotel staff to undertake their work with the minimum disruption to service.

    Similarly, it can be used to divide a room i.e: from a restaurant to a bar area or to divide from a servery to the restaurant.

    Despite its obvious benefits, the Archilles’ heel to banquette seating is its lack of flexibility. Much of the banquette seating sold is not easily relocatable.

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